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Jen Schneck

I am a surreal portrait artist, illustrator, and art educator.   My art explores the thin veil between what is real and imagined within our character.  We are all contradictions of our strengths and vulnerabilities, our permanence and ephemerality.  My art is a visual baring of the soul, putting the subject’s deepest secrets to paper.    I often use universal symbols to tell my visual tales, and experiment with making the skeleton visible.  The bone imagery goes hand-in-hand with exposing what is hidden within us.   The skeleton is a symbol of contradiction–as it is our support and strength, but also a reminder of our impermanence and fragile, physical state of being.

Growing up a child of artist parents, my life has been full of opportunities to create.  I learned early on we are all capable of using art to tell our story, and every message is worth telling.  Earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education further instilled in me the belief that art is for all and we have an inherent, human need to be creative.  Art is for anyone at all skill levels.

Driven to inspire others I have created Left Brain Arts, a travelling art company.  I bring the studio to you, your friends, and co-workers for a unique creative experience.  Art events are wonderful opportunities to push your boundaries in a safe environment and learn something about yourself that may surprise you!  These events are fun and exciting and a way to connect.  Art has a way of drawing people in, and is both contagious and addictive!  These events can be customized to your unique vision.  My experience with a variety of audiences can help you create the perfect art experience, small or large scale.

I hope you are intrigued by my artwork and to see more, please like me on Facebook, Jen Schneck, Artist or email me with inquiries at  More information on art events can be seen on Facebook at Left Brain Arts.

Thank-you, and happy creating!